The Champion of Champions Tour calls for the National Leagues

The Champion of Champions Tour calls for the National Leagues

Champions of Champions Tour (CCT), one of the largest global CS:GO events, announced to start this year with a prize pool of 3.4 M USD, is looking to expand its coverage with the open call for the CS:GO regional leagues.

Champion of Champions Tour (CCT) is organised by GRID and its Foundational Partners, featuring the industry’s leading companies such as FACEIT, the world’s leading competitive gaming platform, as well as international Tournament Operators including BTSBrasilTV,  Eden Esports, and Fantasyexpo. The event spans Europe, and North and South America. Each region will receive localised content, streamed on the channels of CCT’s Regional Partners. To expand the reach and provide more opportunities for the local talents to showcase their skills, GRID and Champion of Champions Tour is looking now to incorporate in their seedings regional leagues - both from the regions they already cover but also the new ones that would like to join.


‘From the beginning, our intention was to create the Tour that is "Open" to support the growth of rising talents within the competitive CSGO scene offering the space built with integrity and regional focus at heart. Since we announced CCT last month, we have received a lot of interest from National CS:GO Leagues who would like to work their tournaments onto the Tour. Having this response is already what we aimed for - to work together toward providing the professional space for the continued growth of the CS:GO scene.’ - says Tom Warburton, COO at GRID - ‘We invite all the regional leagues to reach out to us and join forces in supporting the development of the scene we are all so passionate about.’ - he adds.


If you wish to participate in Champion of Champions with your National League, reach out to



About Champion of Champions Tour


Champion of Champions Tour is the first competition on the CS:GO scene to be jointly organised by leading esports firms FACEIT, Eden Esports, Relog Media, Black Molly Entertainment, Fantasy Expo, and regional organisers, commissioned by GRID Esports. The tour is distributed across seven unique regions throughout North America, South America, and Europe where the Tour is executed by regional partners. Champion of Champions Tour offers one of the highest prize pools in esports history - $3,400,000 USD. The Champion of Champions Tour’s mission is to build into the ecosystem of professional Counter-Strike across multiple tiers, providing an opportunity for emerging, regional esports talent to prove themselves and shine - is the embodiment of the esports community’s character and values.


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